Sandeep paaji is a Soorma in the true sense: Diljit Dosanjh

New Delhi: Bollywood’s latest offering, Soorma, a biopic on former Indian hockey player Sandeep Singh hit theatres on Friday, and has already received good reviews from critics. Keeping in view the release of this Diljit Dosanjh-starrer, let us discuss the meaning of ‘soorma’.

A Quora user explains, “The general meaning of the word is someone ‘brave’ who would endure anything for principles and would even give away one’s life for the ideal one is following. The Sikh and Punjabi history is full of the examples of Soormas.”

Yes, it is not the soorma one uses to anoint their eyelids!

Sandeep, who is earned the nickname ‘Flicker Singh’, has been portrayed on-screen by Diljit. The former is all praises of the actor, and thinks no-one could have played him better other than Diljit.

“Diljit paaji has identified with my role and has translated my emotions and the real feelings of my family on the big screen with perfection. He has lifted my character in the movie. Nobody could have played my character better than him. The way he has emoted my feelings will make people connect with my pain,” Sandeep Singh was quoted as saying by Indian Express.

“Sandeep paaji is a Soorma in the true sense. The story of his life and his comeback is the one which I haven’t ever heard or read anywhere. He is a living legend,” lead actor Diljit told the national daily.