Salman Khan says he can work again with Priyanka Chopra; fans of both actors delighted

Ever since Priyanka Chopra chose not to do Salman Khan’s Bharat, the actor has never left a chance to make harsh comments against Chopra.

It appeared he was very angry with the actress and would never do any film with her in the future. But now Bhaijaan has said he can work with Priyanka and his statement has delighted fans of both actors.

The movie Bharat has made a lot of news since the start as Priyanka Chopra had made a last-minute exit from it saying she was going to marry Nick Jonas.

After that Katrina Kaif replaced Priyanka to play the female lead in Bharat. Priyanka Chopra had exited from the movie Bharat just five days before the shoot.

However, Salman Khan might still work with Priyanka Chopra again in the future, much to the pleasure of the fans. The actor has announced that he is willing to work with  Priyanka in the future if she gets him an important role.

He said that he just needs to love the story in order to do the film. Salman Khan and Priyanka Chopra have been seen together earlier in many films including Mujhse Shaadi Karogi, God Tussi Great Ho and Salaam – E – Ishq.