Saina Nehwal biopic: Parineeti Chopra is preparing for most difficult role of her career, will be seen without any makeup

Parineeti Chopra is preparing for the most difficult role of her career, playing badminton champion Saina Nehwal. Parineeti will first try to look like Saina. For this, Parineeti will be seen without any makeup look.

Parineeti said in a special conversation with Dainik Bhaskar, “I am 100 percent sure that I look like Saina Nehwal. I look like her without makeup, so you will see me without makeup.”

Parineeti says prosthetics are used only on her nose. “I also think prosthetics should be put on my nose to get the look. I have also discussed this with my team.”

Physical transformations: For physical transformation, Parineeti will first try to match her weight with Saina as much as possible and will obtain training in badminton in London. Parineeti will devote 5 months to body conditioning and badminton training.

“My whole body will have to transform like Saina, I will be training for five months. It will be difficult to have a body like Saina because she has been playing for years. But I will do my best to look like Saina.”

Parineeti to get badminton training in London: Talking about the training, Parineeti said, “I will be training in London. I’m taking my trainer there, my trainer is named Ishaan and he is a professional badminton player and is coaching me. I’ll undergo intensive training in London. We will return in September or October after completing the training and start the shooting.”

Regarding training, Parineeti further said, “We all play badminton. So I thought it is an easy game. Then you know that you have to play like the world’s top player. And I had caught my racket incorrectly, so I have to learn from the beginning. It is not so simple as you play badminton in the street. It is very difficult to play like a champion.”