Russell Crowe felt ‘insulted’ by ‘Deadpool 2’ Cable audition offer

Rob Liefeld apparently got yelled at for asking the veteran actor to audition for the part.

New York: Rob Liefeld who created Deadpool 2 revealed he was yelled at by Russell Crowe after he suggested the veteran actor to audition for the role of antagonist, Cable.

According to Collider, Liefeld said he texted Crowe on Twitter only to find out the Oscar-winning actor replying with “Read for it?!”

“One night before I went to bed, I didn’t know Russell Crowe was on Twitter, and I stupidly tweeted to Russell Crowe” not ever thinking he’d answer me” and I go, ‘Hey Russell, you should read for Cable!’

“That didn’t turn out very well, I got yelled at a lot, because I woke up – because he’s in Australia – to Russell Crowe saying, ‘Read for it?!’, and my manager said, ‘Yeah… Russell Crowe doesn’t read for parts, Rob. You kind of insulted him’,” he said at the Las Vegas Comic-Con.

Liefeld said Fox Studios executives “may or may not have yelled” at him for the incident. “I’m like, ‘I’m sorry! They just haven’t picked Cable yet so I’m just putting it out there.’ And then my phone rings, so some Fox people may or may not have yelled at me for an hour,” he said.

Actor Josh Brolin, eventually played the character of Cable in the film.

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