Rs 500 fine for not turning off TV, Rs 100 for failing to buy bananas: Wife says enough is enough

Pune: Can a man ask his wife to pay fine for mundane lapses like delay in bringing child from tuition class or failing to switch off the TV?

Unbelievable? But this was exactly what was happening with a woman here. She has now lodged a complaint against her husband with the police and the Woman and Child Development Department and sought separation from him.

Rs 1 lakh take-home salary

Shweta and Anil had married for love 14 years back. After completing his hotel management course, he started working for a company and his current take-home salary is around Rs 1 lakh per month. Shweta is an MBA and is employed. Her monthly salary is Rs 22,000. Anil also earns a hefty amount as rent from his three flats in the city.

Forgot to switching off lights? Pay Rs 50

The woman said her husband imposes fines on her for small lapses. She has to pay Rs 2,000 in case of delay in bringing their 9-year-old daughter home from the tuition class. The husband asks her to pay Rs 100 if she forgets to bring bananas from the market and Rs 500 if she forgets to switch off the lights. The fine for not turning off the TV is Rs 50.

Took away her credit card

They lived like an ideal couple for five years. But then, Anil began to harass her. He did not allow Shweta to keep her salary with her. About a month back, he took away her credit card, mobile, money and SIM card from her and threw her out of the house. Shweta has now refused to go back to her husband.

(Story: Mangesh Phalle)