Rs 2 reimbursement for a premium of Rs 900 per hectare: Chhattisgarh’s farmers call out on ‘irregularity’ in insurance compensation

There is outrage among peasants of Chhattisgarh’s Hasda village in Bemetara district against the insurance company.

Bemetara: Farmers of Chhattisgarh’s Hasda village in Bemetara district have received a rude shock as the insurance company has given paltry compensation between Rs 1.50 and Rs 2 to many of them. Their gram (chana) crop was damaged in the rains last year. A total of Rs 652 has been given as compensation to 58 farmers of Hasda. If we look at individual shares, many of these peasants got less than Rs 5 in compensation. Shockingly, farmers had paid premium at the rate of Rs 900 per hectare. The highest compensation made to any single farmer was Rs 47.97.

More compensation given to peasants of 3 adjoining villages

However, farmers of three adjoining villages have been given more compensation. The farmers of four villages Sankra, Dewada, Nevnara and Hasda in district Bemetra, under Sewa Cooperative Society Hasda, had sown gram and wheat crop. All the farmers had got their crops insured and paid premium at the rate of Rs 900 per hectare. The farmers were baffled when compensation amounts were credited into their bank accounts last month. The compensation provided by the insurance company was even less than premium paid by them.Villagers said the loss of crop was uniform in all the four villages and so compensation should have been provided to farmers of all the four villages at par. There was resentment among cultivators on account of double standards adopted by the company.

Issue was raised by Cong MLAs in the past

In such cases from past, irregularities in providing crop compensation had been challenged in the high court. Moreover, opposition Congress MLAs have raised the issue in the assembly on many occasions. This issue has put a question mark over the working of government field staff at the local level.

Bemetra’s deputy director (agriculture) SS Rajput said insurance company provides compensation on the basis weather conditions or crop and that he could not say anything in this matter. Agriculture department SDO RK Solanki also said he would have to examine the documents first and then only he would be able to say anything.