Rohit Shekhar murder case: Apurva used to break down while telling her sister about her sufferings, says mother

Indore: After the arrest of wife Apurva Shukla Tiwari in the Rohit Shekhar Murder case, many things are coming out.

Apurva’s mother Manjula and sister Aparna said that the tension started between the two from the day of marriage itself.

Not a day passed when Apurva did not talk with younger sister Aparna. Many times she used to break down while talking.

Apurva faced harassment from her mother-in-law Ujjwala, while husband Rohit used to physically abuse her.

According to Manjula, Rohit used to start drinking alcohol from morning. He used to ask maid Kumkum to bring bottle of liquor and cigarette.

Whenever Apurva stopped her he used to tell her to start drinking wine to end her tension.

Manjula said Rohit used to consume liquor with maid Kumkum. She told that a doctor from Coimbatore wanted to marry Apurva.

‘She used to lie to parents that all is well’

Apurva rarely used to tell her parents about her sufferings as both are patients of blood pressure and sugar.

In March, she came to Indore and stayed for 28 days and at that time the family got information about how she was being harassed.

Then she asked an astrologer when she would be separated from Rohit. Divorce proceedings were going to begin In June.

But in March he started talking to Apurva’s father on phone and also asked Apurva to return to his home.

We were hopeful of reconciliation between the couple and so the whole family went to the airport to drop her, said Manjula.