Rishi Kapoor fails to recognise Sridevi in photo, Twitter has a collective meltdown

The photo was from Sridevi and Rishi Kapoor’s film Kaun Sachha Kaun Jhootha but Rishi couldn’t recall the film or the actor with him.

New Delhi: Rishi Kapoor and Sridevi worked in many films together, the most memorable films from 90s superhit Chandni and Nagina. The actors were also great friends. Perhaps that is why people on Twitter were shocked when Rishi failed to recognise Sridevi in a photo.

Replying to a woman who had shared Rishi and Sridevi’s throwback photo, Rishi wrote, “What film is this? And I cannot recognise the actress with me!” This left the fans shocked and the trolling began almost instantaneously.

One fan wrote, “Actress is Sridevi. But, I didn’t recognise the actor” while another tried to jog his memory saying, “Lady who could manage to match step by step with your dancing skills Chintu Ji. The one and only Late Sridevi…”

Another user trolled him saying, “Lol, the actress which you don’t recognise is famous all over India, she is pan India superstar.. In stardom and popularity she is miles miles ahead of you. You may go unnoticed in south India, but she is equally famous from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.”

The clip is from Kaun Saccha Kaun Jhootha song Dil Se Dil.

Check out some other reactions:

Rishi’s lapse of memory was not taken kindly by Twitter but he was among those who were left heartbroken after the actresses’ sudden demise this year. Recalling their film Chandni, he had written on Twitter, “Henceforth no more Moonlit nights! Chandni gone forever. Alas!”

He was also very upset with the reportage about Sridevi’s death. “How has Sridevi all of a sudden become the “body”? All television channels reporting “the body will be brought to Mumbai in the night!” Suddenly your individuality gets lost and becomes a mere body??” he had tweeted.

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