Richa Chadha remembers her first meeting with adult star Shakeela

Mumbai: Richa Chadha wrapped up shooting for her biopic Shakeela: Not A Porn Star. The actress will be seen playing the role of South Indian adult star Shakeela in the film directed by Indrajit Lankesh.

As part of her prep, Richa had a meeting with Shakeela to understand her personality and learn the nuances of her life. Talking about this meeting, Richa says, “The first thing Shakeela said after she saw me is, ‘Aiyyo yeh to bohot dubli hai‘ (Oops! She’s too thin)”

The adult star used to be plump, acting in B-grade films down south. Therefore, Richa had to put on some extra kilos to look a bit like her. “For a month I went on a spree to consume unhealthy food. I stopped working out too. I ended up gaining 6 kilos in total as I wanted flab on my body to be seen on screen,” she says.

Speaking about Shakeela’s personality, Richa adds, “She took time to open up, but once she did she was comfortable with me. She is quite a loner that way. She has only a few friends. Her family betrayed her and so she only talks to a couple of people from her family. Her life has been rough, and why not?  Imagine you being robbed off by your own family! She is innocent, childlike and trusts people easily.”

Richa says that one thing she learnt from Shakeela’s life is that one shouldn’t trust anyone easily. She says, “She lost a lot of money as she trusted people blindly. She used to give money to anyone who asked for it. I used to trust people a lot too, I have learnt to be more careful now.”

The film also has Shakeela in a cameo. Remembering the last day of shoot with her, Richa further adds, “She loves food. On the last day on sets she asked the spotboys – ‘What is this, just peanuts? Where’s mutton, where’s the biryani? I want a bottle of Old Monk too.'”

(Story by Onkar Kulkarni)