Richa Chadha meets Shakeela ahead of starring in her biopic

New Delhi: Richa Chadha has added yet another interesting project to her line-up of films. She is all set to headline a biopic to be made on ’90s adult star Shakeela. Before she began shooting, Richa caught up with Shakeela, 41, in Bangalore and opened up about her upcoming role in Indrajit Lankesh’s directed film, and her image as an actress to Bombay Times.

Referring to Shakeela, who is rather an introvert in real life, Richa told Bombay Times: “Even I am socially awkward but I am comfortable on camera, which is why people feel that I am bold. That’s out alternate personality I guess.” Meanwhile, this is what Shakeela told : “I am very shy. What I did was my job.”

In the ’90s, Shakeela featured in several controversial projects in the Southern film industry. Kinnara Thumbikal in Malayalam was one of her most popular films. Will Richa be required to physically transform to portray Shakeela on screen? She told Bombay Times: “I am not going to put to weight to play Shakeela as I feel that aspect is quite superficial. The film is about standing up for herself in a male-dominated society.”

“The film is the story of Shakeela, one of the most famous actors from Malayalam cinema from the 1990s who rose to a spectacular amount of fame. Her fans were spread across Asia and she earned fanfare as a woman which back then was unheard of,” Richa Chadha had said in an interview to IANS. About coming on board for the biopic, Richa told, “The film’s script was exciting and is a great story to tell and the story will make for a great watch for the audience.”

Richa Chadha was last seen in Daas Dev and has films like Love Sonia, Cabaret and Ghoomketu in the line-up.