Republic Day/ For the first time, tableaux of Kashmir and NDRF along with anti-satellite weapon system will be included

New Delhi: The parade’s full dress rehearsal took place on Thursday for the 71st Republic Day celebrations. In it, security forces personnel marched with weapons. Dhanush 145 mm 52 caliber howitzer cannon, Apache and Chinook will be the main attractions in this year’s R-Day parade.

Also tableaux of fighter aircraft Rafale will be included. Apart from this, the anti-satellite weapon system will also be displayed for the first time. It is believed to be the largest weapon of India’s war fleet.

India’s first indigenous attack helicopter LCH will also be seen in the Air Force tableau. However, it has not yet been inducted into the Air Force. Vikrant, the country’s first indigenous aircraft carrier being manufactured at Kochi Shipyard, will be in the Navy tableau this time. Anti-submarine and reconnaissance aircraft P8i is also included in the parade. Apart from this, the march past of the Special Forces commandos and the amazing feats of CRPF personnel will also be seen.

NDRF’s squad in suit gear: The parade will see NDRF’s squad in CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear) suits gear. Through this, people will see how to cope with natural disasters and chemical attacks. Apart from this, the tableau of Kashmir and Finance Ministry will also be seen in the parade for the first time.

Women’s team will perform 9 types of tricks on a motorcycle: Nari Shakti will show tricks in the parade this time. For the first time, CRPF’s Daredevils team will perform 9 types of tricks on Rajpath by motorcycle. Many women of this team are posted in terrorism affected areas in Jammu and Kashmir and are monitoring law and order in many northeastern states. There are some women in the Daredevils team who are also posted in Naxalite affected states.

This Republic Day special

  • 22 tableaux will come out, of these 16 are of states and 6 of departments
  • Republic Day parade will be 90 minute long, there will be 16 marching squads
  • 21 bands will participate in the parade. 13 of the squads will be of military bands
  • 44 such children will participate in the parade, who have received the National Awards