Recite table of 13? I am a minister, you fool

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he Uttarakhand minister for school education Arvind Pandey lost his cool when a TV reporter asked him to recite the multiplication table of 13. The minister got so infuriated that he aggressively slapped the reporter on his shoulders and told him that he is ‘farzi’ (fake).

Reality check

A video of the incident shows the reporter telling education minister Arvind Pandey that while he was undertaking ‘reality checks’ of schools in the state, people want to run a reality check on him. After this, the reporter requests him to recite the table of 13. Taken aback, the minister first says that he is not running a ‘laboratory’ and that he is not a teacher. “I am the education minister and I am doing my job,” he says.

When the reporter refuses to withdraw, he tells him, “I do not need to recite tables to any Tom, Dick and Harry going around with a mic,” before calling him ‘farzi’.

In an earlier video, the minister was seen admonishing a woman teacher of a government school for giving the right answer to a question.