Reactions to Supreme Court verdict in Ayodhya case

New Delhi:  Following the historic Supreme Court verdict on Saturday by the five-judge bench reactions followed thick and fast. Here’s how political leaders, seers and others reacted to the judgement of the Ayodhya case:

Narendra Modi (Prime Minister): Whether it is devotion to Ram or Rahim, now is time for everybody to strengthen devotion to India.

Amit Shah (Home Minister): I am confident that this landmark judgment given by the Supreme Court will prove to be a milestone in itself. This decision will further strengthen India’s unity, integrity and great culture.

Rajnath Singh (Defence Minister): The Judgment of Hon’ble Supreme Court on Ayodhya is historic. The judgement will further strengthen India’s social fabric. I urge everyone to take the verdict with equanimity and magnanimity. I also appeal to the people to maintain peace and harmony after this landmark verdict.

Nitin Gadkari (Union Minister): As people of this democratic country all should accept the decision taken by the Supreme Court on Ayodhya. We all have faith in the judiciary. People should maintain peace and harmony.

Arvind Kejriwal (Delhi Chief Minister): The five judge bench of Supreme Court after hearing arguments of all parties gave its verdict. We welcome the SC judgement. The SC gave its verdict on decades old dispute. The dispute of many years ended today. I appeal to all maintain peace and harmony.

Zafar Ahmad Farooqui (Chairman of Uttar Pradesh Sunni Central Waqf Board): We welcome the Supreme Court verdict in the case. The Board has no plans to challenge it. As of now, the verdict is being studied thoroughly after which the Board will issue a detailed statement.

Shivraj Singh Chouhan (BJP National Vice President): All should respect and welcome the supreme court verdict. Let us all respect and welcome the SC decision. Nobody has lost. Our country has always given the message of peace to the world. I appeal to the country and all the people to maintain unity, love, harmony and brotherhood.

KN Govindacharya (former RSS leader): I am extremely happy. Now, in three months a plan will be made for constructing the temple. Social harmony must be maintained so that the country can move from Ram temple to Ram rajya. Lakhs of workers made sacrifices. For the leadership of the movement, I will give highest credit to Ashok Singhal and LK Advani.

Subramanian Swamy (BJP leader): Only when Lord Rama wanted, the green light for re- building the temple is being given. JaI Shri Ram.

Kamal Nath (Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister): The Supreme Court has delivered a verdict in Ayodhya case. I again appeal to you that we all should respect this decision of the Supreme Court. Don’t be a part of any kind of show of enthusiasm, celebration and protest. Be cautious and on alert of rumors. Do not get mislead. The government is with every citizen of the state. Elements creating law and order situation will not be spared.

Ashok Gehlot (Rajasthan Chief Minister): I understand that today at least a decision has been taken…which we all should welcome. This is what I believe.

Manohar Lal Khattar (Haryana Chief Minister): The verdict given by the Supreme Court on Ayodhya issue is historic. This verdict will help further strengthen the country’s social fabric.

Randeep Surjewala (Congress spokesperson): The Congress respects the Supreme Court verdict in the Ayodhya case and is in favour of Ram temple construction. It is the responsibility of each one of us to reaffirm our tradition of mutual respect and unity among all that has defined our society through the ages. The Supreme Court decision in the Ayodhya case cannot be matter of credit or discredit to any individual, group of people, communities or political parties.

Yogi Adityanath (Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister): We welcome the Supreme Court verdict. Everyone should support for unity and amity in the country. In UP, the government is committed to maintain peace and security.

Pravin Togadia (Former VHP president): Ram Temple at the same place of Ram Birth has been a Hindu demand for more than 450 years. Lakhs of Hindus sacrificed their lives, careers, families for this. Today, Supreme Court giving the same land for Ram Temple is a salute to this sacrifice.

Ram Vilas Paswan (Union Minister): The Supreme Court has given a very clear and unanimous verdict. Sentiments of all parties have been respected in this unanimous judgment. It has put a closure to the dispute that has lingered for centuries.

Iqbal Ansari (one of the litigants): We welcome the Supreme Court decision and the biggest happiness is that it is finally curtains down on this long pending issue. We will not challenge the court verdict from our side. We are very happy with the decision. We respect the decision. Now this is the responsibility of the government where it provides land for the mosque. This is a sort of victory of the Muslims.

Nitish Kumar (Bihar Chief Minister): The Supreme Court has delivered its verdict (on Ayodhya matter). We all should accept and welcome the judgement. The decision should be respected by all. This is the solution to the matter.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (Spiritual leader): I wholeheartedly welcome the historic judgment of the Hon. Supreme Court. This has brought joy and relief to people of both communities from a long-standing dispute.