Ranbir Kapoor’s tenant sues him for Rs 50 lakh

Mumbai: Ranbir Kapoor has been sued for over Rs50 lakh by the tenant of his Pune apartment, says media reports. Ranbir reportedly leased his plush Trump Towers apartment in Pune in October 2016 to Sheetal Suryawanshi who is now reportedly suing Ranbir for allegedly not honouring the terms of the rental agreement.

Suryawanshi is seeking damages and interest for being asked to vacate the place much before the lock-in period specified the agreement. Sheetal Suryawanshi alleged that despite the lock-in period being 24 months, she was asked to vacate the flat on August 2017, 11 months after she moved in. She eventually vacated the place by the end of October.

Actor denies the allegations

Meanwhile, Ranbir Kapoor has denied the allegations and has, in turn, filed his responses in the court. In his response, Ranbir has stated that Sheetal Suryawanshi was not asked to vacate the flat because he was moving in.