Rajasthan/ Teen in Jodhpur had been saving pocket money for 12 years but coins weighing 35 kg were found to be short by Rs 2000 to buy a fridge for mother on her birthday

  • B Sc student Ram Singh collected coins worth Rs 13,500 in 12 years
  • Ramsingh had promised to give his mother a fridge on her birthday

Jodhpur: Ramsingh, a 17-year-old resident of Saharan Nagar in Jodhpur, saw an advertisement for a refrigerator in the newspaper in the morning and made a call to the showroom. He said- ‘Today is my mother Pappudevi’s birthday and I want to gift her a fridge, but I’ll be able to pay only in coins.’

Showroom operator Harikishan Khatri agreed to accept the coins. After this Ramsingh reached the showroom with coins weighing about 35 kg in a sack. These coins included coins of one, two, five and ten rupees.

The showroom operator got the coins counted, but they were found to be short by about Rs 2000. Taking care of the feelings of the teenager, Harikishan not only gave a discount of Rs 2000, but also gave a gift to Ramsingh.

Ramsingh with mother.

Collected coins worth Rs 13500 in 12 years: Ramsingh is fond of saving money in the piggy bank (gullak) since childhood. When the piggy bank was full, he would give the currency notes to mother Pappudevi, but keep the coins. In about 12 years, he collected coins worth Rs 13,500. With these coins, he reached the electronics shop in Shiv Shakti Nagar to purchase a fridge.

Promised mother to get a fridge with his money: He had promised his mother that he would bring the fridge with his own money. Mother and father Pappuram were also happy to see Ramsingh’s gift. Ramsingh is a BSc first-year student. His father is a property dealer.

(Story by Manoj Kumar Purohit)