Rajasthan police took a tea break while taking lynching victim to hospital

Jaipur: Rakbar Khan, 28, the man who died in Rajasthan’s Alwar after being beaten by a mob on suspicion of cattle smuggling, was in police custody for three hours 45 minutes before he was taken to a hospital early on Saturday, an NDTV report said.

The police arranged for vehicles to take the seized cows to a shelter, visited the police station a stone’s throw from the hospital and even stopped for tea before getting medical help for the injured man, the report said. It added by the time police took Khan to the hospital, he was dead.

The police have said Khan died “on way to hospital”. They have arrested three people in connection with the case.

Meanwhile, Khan’s post-mortem report, was released on Sunday. The autopsy report said brutal assault on the deceased led to fracture in the ribs that caused water to fill in the lungs. Khan’s wrist was also found to be broken.

Union minister Arjun Ram Meghwal, who linked the incident with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s growing popularity, claimed his statement was misinterpreted by media.

Lynching may become a penal offence

  • The Centre is considering the possibility of amending the Indian Penal Code to define ‘mob lynching’ as a penal offence, a senior government functionary said.
  • Another option being considered is to draft a model law that states can adopt to prevent incidents of mob lynching, he said.

‘6-7 people fired at us’

 We were taking our two cows. On seeing a speeding bike, the cows ran into the fields where 6-7 people were present, who fired at us. I ran away from the spot to save my life, later found that my friend was killed   -Aslam, eye witness in Alwar lynching case

‘Safer to be a cow than a Muslim’

Why BJP Ministers’ claims about reduction in communal violence don’t stand up to the facts: It seems safer in many places to be a cow than a Muslim -Shashi Tharoor, Congress leader