Rajasthan: People of 29 villages sort out their disputes in choupals, believe in non-violence, no case registered in last 5 years

Bundi (Rajasthan): There are 29 villages in Rajasthan’s Bundi district where people have embraced non-violence and believe in Ahimsa Paramo Dharma i.e. non-violence is the greatest religion.

Since 2014 the villages have not seen violence, dispute or controversy. People don’t make rounds of police stations or courts. They settle their disputes in village choupals. No police case has been registered in these villages in last five years.

In these villages, the tradition of resolving the issues at choupals still prevails. People believe that by settling the dispute at their level, the time and money is not wasted and the feeling of brotherhood is promoted.

Villagers follow ideals of Lord Mahavir

People in Jajavar’s Mataji ka Jhopda village have been following the path of Lord Mahavir for centuries. People do not even touch, buy or sell hookah, bidi, cigarette, tobacco, gutkha, etc and consider them as a curse.

The village population is about 400 and no tobacco is consumed. Even if guests come to the village, they do not demand hookah, bidi or cigarette.

Bhopa Devi Lal, Madholal, former sarpanch Dhannibai, Kishan Lal say that if someone consumes tobacco by mistake or touches it then Goddess punishes him.