Rajasthan: Panther pounces to catch monkey, gets electrocuted

Pali (Rajasthan): A panther was electrocuted by an 11 KV overhead power line in village Panchalwada of Pali district in Rajasthan on Wednesday.

It so happened that a monkey was perched on a tree in a field in the village. A panther approached the tree from a mound beside it. As it jumped to catch the monkey, it got entangled in the 11 KV overhead power line and was instantly electrocuted. The monkey, shocked by the sudden attack, lost its balance and fell down. It too died.

Locals scared

Chenaram Chaudhary, the sarpanch of the village informed the forest authorities of the incident. The locals said that for lack of prey base in the forests, the carnivores were entering villages to find prey.

They said that the forest department should ensure that wild animals do make forays into populated areas.

“What would have happened had the panther entered a home?” Chaudhary asked.