Rajasthan: Panther creates panic in Alwar, enters inside club playroom

Alwar: A panther entered inside Jai Krishna Club by scaling the wall near GD Girls College in Alwar on Wednesday morning. The feline entered inside the club’s card playroom via lawn.

The forest department team reached the spot upon receiving information and tranquilised and rescued the panther. However, the big cat remained inside the club for nearly seven hours.

The club staff first heard the noise made by the panther and informed the club secretary. The CCTV footage was checked and the panther was seen roaming about in the club’s card playroom in the footage.

Teams of forest department and Sariska Sanctuary rushed to the spot after getting information.

The forest personnel drilled the door of the playroom and tranquilised the panther with the help of a tranquilising gun. The panther was later released in the forests of Sariska.