Rajasthan: Panic as engine-less goods train rolls back for 6 km

Abu Road (Sirohi, Rajasthan): A double-decker goods train parked on a track at Kivarli railway station in Sirohi district started rolling back without any warning on Tuesday, throwing railway authorities into a tizzy.

According to information, a double-decker container train was parked at the station at around 11 pm on Monday. After midnight, the train suddenly started rolling backwards. As the track had a downward incline, the train started gathering speed.

Derailing point

The information was relayed to the top officials and all train movement on the track was stopped. DRM Rajesh Kumar Kashyap directed officials at Morthala railway station, about six km away, to switch the train to a dead-end track and derail it. As soon as the train hit the derailing point, ten of the containers got derailed and fell on the main tracks, disrupting traffic for more than two hours.