Rajasthan: I-T search reveals cash, valuables worth crores hidden under floor tiles

Black money worth about Rs 40-50 crore unearthed during search on the establishments of Rajlaxmi Group in Jodhpur

Jodhpur: The directors of Rajlaxmi Group associated with the steel business had kept their black money hidden under the floor tiles in their homes here. But the income tax department teams dug them out during the over 81-hour-long search. Team found there were 12 underground lockers. Officials seized cash, gold and silver jewellery worth more than Rs 5 crore.

Initial investigation has revealed an undisclosed transaction of about Rs 40-50 crore, but the department expects more undisclosed income would be revealed.

Bank lockers seized

Besides I-T department has seized 5-6 lockers of the people associated with the group in various banks.

According to sources, the owners of the group had hidden lockers under the floor of most of their new and old homes.

Hollow sound was produced when tiles were struck

Sleuths became suspicious while inspecting some of the tiles and hollow sound was produced when the tiles were hit with a wooden pole. They found the lockers when they removed the tiles.

About 250 employees of the I-T department conducted searches at 30 establishments of Rajlaxmi Group during the three-day period.