Rajasthan: Grandpa asked boy to sell milk after he failed in Class-9 exam, 18 years later he is Bhiwadi’s biggest milk dealer, owner of 3 factories

Bhiwadi (Rajasthan): Eighteen years back a boy of Bhiwadi, in Rajasthan’s Alwar district, failed in Class-9 exam. His family members scolded him.

In the evening he told his grandfather that he wanted to become a big man. His grandfather gave him a stare and asked him to first go and sell milk on the bicycle. On the first day, the boy sold five litres of milk.

But that was only the beginning. The milk sale continued to rise and crossed 22000 litre mark by 2014. Rajveer became the biggest dealer of Saras Dairy in Bhiwadi. Today he is the owner of three factories and has employed 500 people.

While doing the milk business, he purchased a plot in industrial area to set up an iron factory. He managed to get bank loan and established a factory to manufacture ingot.

Country’s top manufacturers of iron rods started purchasing ingots from him. Rajveer also opened two more factories to make the gear parts of cars.

Rajveer has employed three chartered accountants but is not ashamed to tell that he had failed to clear Class-9 exam.

Old bicycle on which he first sold milk more dear to him than costly cars

Rajveer has preserved the bicycle on which he started selling milk. Today he has costly cars like Jaguar but he says this old bicycle is most precious to him.

Rajveer values the contribution of his family in his success. He has 14 sons and 30 grandchildren. ‘The power of the joint family is my biggest power. The family stands firmly with me whenever there is any problem and that is my biggest strength,’ he says.