Rajasthan/ Doctor wife sets fire to house of doctor husband’s paramour in Bharatpur, woman and her 6-year-old son die

  • In an attempt to save the woman, the brother also sustained burn injuries
  • The woman used to work at the clinic of the doctor couple
  • On finding about the affair with her husband, the wife had removed the woman from the job but her doctor husband had given her a house to stay
  • Case of Bharatpur’s posh colony Surya City, woman doctor, her mother-in-law and husband in custody

Bharatpur: In the posh colony Surya City, on Thursday evening, a female doctor set her doctor husband’s lover’s house on fire and locked the latch from outside. The woman and her 6-year-old child died of suffocation.

Deceased’s brother was also scorched in an attempt to save. The woman used to work at the doctor’s clinic. She was fired by the female doctor when she learnt about her affair with her husband. Despite this, the doctor and the woman continued to meet. The doctor had also given her a house to live in.

Deepa Gurjar and her son Shaurya.

Lady doctor had brought spirit with her: On Thursday evening, at 4 pm, the lady doctor Seema Gupta, along with mother-in-law Sulekha arrived to intimidate Deepa Gurjar, the girlfriend of doctor husband Sudeep Gupta. There was a ruckus between the two and suddenly the angry lady doctor threw spirit she had brought with her on the furniture and set it on fire and closed the house from outside.

Meanwhile, the fire became so terrible that no one could muster the courage to enter the house. Deepa’s brother Anuj (21), who reached the spot, tried to enter the house, but he also got scorched. Eventually, 25-year-old Deepa Gurjar and her 6-year-old son died from suffocation.

Flames rising from the house in Surya City.

Female doctor, mother-in-law, and husband in custody: Fire tenders were able to extinguish the fire in about half an hour. After learning about the crime, Dr. Sudip Gupta of RBM Hospital, besides SP Hyder Ali Zaidi, CO City Hawa Singh Raipuria also reached the spot. Till late in the night, no case was registered by the aggrieved party. The police have detained Dr. Sudeep, his wife Dr. Seema and her mother-in-law Sulekha. Dr. Sudeep has a hospital by the name of Sriram Hospital in the Kali Bagichi area of the city.

Deepa used to work at Seema’s clinic: Deepa Gurjar used to work at the reception counter at Sriram Hospital in Kali Bagchi about 2 years ago. During this time she got acquainted with Dr. Sudeep. When Seema found out about their love affair, she had fired Deepa from her job, but Sudeep and Deepa continued to meet.

Dr. Seema Gupta and her husband Dr. Sudeep Gupta.

Sudeep gave Deepa a house to live in: Dr. Seema was upset by the relationship between Dr. Sudeep and Deepa. Despite this, Dr. Sudeep had given Deepa a villa he had purchased 4 years ago. This house located in Surya City Colony is named after Dr. Sudeep’s wife, Dr. Seema Gupta, which he bought about 4 years ago. Sudeep had allowed Deepa Gurjar to live illegally in this house.

Deepa opened Spa Center on November 1: On November 1, Deepa opened Ayesha Salon & Spa Center in this house. Dr. Sudeep’s name was also in its invitation letters. When his wife Seema Gupta came to know about this, she became furious and took her mother-in-law Sulekha to her residence in Kali Bagchi to fight with Deepa Gurjar at her residence.