Rajasthan: Dacoit Jagan Gurjar surrenders in Dholpur, had first called Bhaskar to tell about his surrender plan

Jaipur: The infamous bandit Jagan Gurjar (49) of Rajasthan surrendered in Dholpur on Friday. There are more than 100 cases registered against him under sections like robbery, kidnapping, and looting in three states. 

Jagan had called Bhaskar on Thursday night to talk about surrender. Jagan had said that he had talked to the police. There are people of his community in the police force. He said he trusts them and is willing to surrender. He also said that he hopes this time he would not be cheated. Nagaur Member of Parliament Hanuman Beniwal had demanded the permission for encounter killing of Jagan Gurjar.

Jagan hit the headlines after humiliating two women in a village of Dholpur district on June 12. He had reportedly paraded them after stripping them. A video of the incident also went viral. Since then, the police of three states were searching for Jagan in the ravines of Chambal and there were also encounters between the two parties. 

Gurjar carried a reward of Rs 40,000 on his head. Talking with Bhaskar, Jagan dismissed allegations of brutalizing the women. He said – I did not do this. The villagers had provoked me, so I assaulted them.

According to the police, Jagan reached the Sadar police station on his own. 

Gang was formed after murder of brother-in-law

Jagan Gurjar is a resident of Bhawutipura of Dang in Dholpur. In 1994, after the murder of his brother-in-law (jija), he had formed a gang with wife and brothers. In the last 18 years it is his fourth surrender. Earlier, Jagan surrendered in 2018, 2009 and 2001. On Gurjar, there are more than 100 cases related to murder, robbery, ransom, kidnapping and robbery in Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. He was also declared a reward of 40 thousand.

Former MLA Bhairon Singh Gurjar had been negotiating for his surrender. Read his telephonic discussions with Bhaskar reporter Harsh Khatana:

Bhaskar: You humiliated and assaulted women. If someone does the same to your three wives and daughters then?

Jagan: I am ready to swear by deities I did not tear the clothes of the women. Yes, I went to the house of some opponents to assault them. But the men in the house were out. There was a scuffle with boys and their family members, but I did not target women. I said nothing to children. Just abused. I have three wives, daughters, dear sons. In the village, I face opposition over political and some other issues. They want me to stay in jail.

Bhaskar: Parliamentarian Hanuman Beniwal has sought permission to kill you in the encounter. Are you afraid?

Jagan: I am not a bad man, I help many people. I have come from the world of crime, but the MP who has made demand is also not innocent.

Bhaskar: You were the one who ran away during firing? Why did you run away if you were innocent?

Jagan: I’ll surrender and tell all. It is a compulsion in Chambal to make retaliatory firing. Had I not fired back, many innocents would have been killed.

Bhaskar: A video showing your hooliganism has gone viral?

Jagan: My daughter was in the hospital on June 2. I bought a water pouch from a shopkeeper and gave him Rs 500. There was a controversy about change Five-seven people were beaten up by me. Then I did not have a weapon. On the second day, I beat up some people and damaged a shop.