Rajasthan/ Country’s first railbus service in Jodhpur ends, fare of 15 km journey was Rs 10

  • The service started in Jodhpur in Rajasthan in 1994
  • Its closure was announced 9 months ago
  • The railbus earlier covered the distance of 10 km in 20 minutes but the journey time increased to 75 minutes

Jodhpur: The country’s first railbus completed its last round on Friday. This bus service was the last to operate between Merta Road and Merta City in Jodhpur division.

Earlier two buses had been declared as scrap. Railways have not yet decided what facility will be provided to passengers between these two stations. Nine months ago it was decided that from 1 February 2020 this service will be discontinued but during this time railways made no alternative arrangement to ferry the passengers.

In this 15 km long section of Jodhpur division, first meter gauge and then broad gauge railbus service was provided for the movement of passengers. This bus with a fare of only 10 rupees was full of passengers.

Over time, the number of railway crossing gates on this route kept increasing and the train started to cover such a distance in 75 minutes instead of 20 minutes. The reason was that the railways had removed the personnel deployed for opening and closing the gates.