Raipur: Sikh community to shun fireworks on Prakash Parva to protect environment

Raipur: Like the rest of the country, the Sikh community in the city too will celebrate ‘Prakash Parva’ – the birthday of the first Sikh Guru Nanak Dev – on November 21. For the past 86 years, the community has been taking out a grand Shobha Yatra (procession) from the Gurudwara at Station Road here to the Pandri Gurudwara on this day. Preparations are underway for the procession and tableaux are being prepared.


However, as a concession to changing times, the local Sikh community has decided that this year, there would be no fireworks on the day – neither during the Shobha Yatra nor at the Gurudwaras not at homes. “This is the most auspicious day for us and we don’t want to add to the air and sound pollution,” Harbans Singh Chawla of the community said.

Not only that, the route of the procession would be changed so that the people don’t have to face traffic jams. And sevadars will follow the procession to collect the garbage left behind so as to keep the roads clean. Also no stunts would be allowed. “Tradition is fine but one cannot become its prisoner,” added Preetpal Singh Hora.