Raipur: Numerous milk samples collected over fear of oxytocin injection misuse

Food and drug department officials in Raipur have received complaints giving rise to fears that the banned drug is being injected into cattle.

Raipur: Harmful oxytocin hormone injections are being misused to enhance cattle milk production in the capital city of Chhattisgarh. This was revealed while investigating why the food and drug department team had in the past collected so many milk samples from different places in the city. In fact, the officials had received numerous complaints from people that the taste of milk as well as the cream was unusual, somewhat like soap.

Oxytocin is harmful for both humans and livestock

The department consulted experts and they expressed apprehension that this could be due to administration of oxytocin injection to the milch cattle. This hormone is not only hazardous to humans but it also lowers the life-span of the cattle with a regular dose.

In view of the harmful effects of milk produced by oxytocin treated dairy cattle, the food and drug department teams collected milk samples from all possible sources. They especially focused on those who bring milk from villages on bicycles or bikes and sell it in the city. Over a dozen samples were collected from such milk sellers in Raipur and nearby areas.  

Vial of oxytocin was seized two years back

About two years back, the drug department had seized a vial of oxytocin from a godown at Ring Road. But after this seizure no complaints were received, and so officials did not take any further action. But they swung into action after they were flooded with complaints about possible adulteration of milk.

As per drug department officials, whether the milk is adulterated with water or not can be detected on the spot. But whether there is effect of oxytocin in the milk and whether it contains other harmful substances like urea, powder etc can only be confirmed after test in a lab, they said.

Harmful for heart

Dr Krishnakant Sahu, head of the department of cardio thoracic and vascular surgery at Advance Cardiac Institute (ACI) said the consumption of such milk has adverse effects on the heart.

How to test adulterated milk

  • The milk is synthetic if it smells like soap
  • The taste of pure milk is slightly sweet. Adulterated milk tastes like soap or detergent
  • Pure milk remains white even if stored for 2-3 days. Adulterated milk┬áturns yellowish
  • Adulterated milk turns yellowish on boiling
  • Adulterated milk feels slippery like soap if rubbed against palms

(According to Dr Ajay Kannauje, assistant food and drug commissioner)