Raipur: NIT students develop 5 useful startups, finger reader device will enable the visually challenged to read

Raipur: Students of National Institute of Technology (NIT) in Raipur are also focusing on startups along with their studies.

Using their creativity and talent, they have developed five useful startups so far.

Students themselves control and operate the working, coordination, planning, technical issues, service, and all other works of the startups. The institute is providing financial help and the guidance to promote startup idea of the students.

Finger-reader device prepared by the students will help the visually impaired to read. Apart from this, smart meters will prevent power theft and the power bills, readings will be sent as and when desired.

Students of various streams have developed the Zenith Tech Ware, Clay Global Network Company, AR VR Handsets, among others.

Virtual Lab

CS students Sanveg Thakur and Kuldeep Pisda have developed Virtual Lab and students can now experiment in such labs using AR VR handsets.

Thakur and Pisda are working on this device from December so that lab expenses could be saved and the facility to experiment anywhere would be available. They said that after applying this device, students will feel as if they are experimenting in a real lab.

During the experiments, the teacher will also be in contact with them and analyze and explain whether the experiment is right or wrong. For this, they will have to enter teacher’s code. It is planned to complete the device by November this year.

Just send a message to know how much electricity you have consumed

Syed Naviluddin, Sankalp Agarwal, Prakhar Agarwal, and Kartikeya Shankar have created a special Smart Box EL Electria for the power meter.

This will help you to know how much electricity you have consumed. You will get an alert message once you consume half the power of your monthly budget. Besides you just have to send a message to know your current reading and power bill.

Social media platform to connect with people during a function

Devavrat Verma, R Ketan Kumar, Abhay Rathore, Aditya and D Rupesh Kumar have created Clay Global Network Company. This is a social media platform.

Students said that it is not easy to talk with all persons attending an event or function. This has been developed to resolve this problem. With the help of this, you can connect with all the people present in the function without leaving your place. You can share photos, messages with any person present in the function within a distance of 200-300 meters, they said.

Provides technical services to other companies

CS students Sanveg Thakar, Vrihas Pathak and Amrita Mishra have developed the Zenith Tech Ware Company, which provides technical services to other companies.

Amrita said, “Many companies have difficulty in online working. We solve their problems and provide many services like online promotion, website development, mobile app, digital marketing, designing etc. We offer business to business facility. In March 2018, the company was launched and so far two projects have been completed. Some projects are underway.”

Words will be converted into speech through image processing

Shreya Chandrakar, Mohit Sarin, Bharat Gidwani, Dhiraj Verma, Shikhar Mishra have created Perception AI Startup. Under this, they have created a device called Finger Reader.

Shreya said, “Braille script is used only for reading by visually challenged people. The number of books written in Braille script is also less. Besides the Braille printing cost is higher than normal printing. In the finger reading device, the visually challenged person can wear this device like a ring in his finger. There will be a mini camera in it. When a blind runs the ring over the ordinary words written on the paper, then it will convert the words into speech through image processing.”