Railway minister gets brickbats, literally

Lucknow: Railway minister had a close shave when earthen pots, bricks and stones were hurled at him while addressing the 70th annual convention of Northern Railwaymen’s Union here on Friday. The minister had a close shave and was taken out by the security personnel, who formed a ring around him.

Sources said that the railway employees present at meet lost their temper when the minister made certain comments in his speech, including that the union is ‘misleading’ the employees. He also said that besides their salaries and facilities, the railway employees should also worry about passenger safety and passenger amenities. He also said that the old pension scheme cannot be reintroduced.

Security man injured

This enraged the employees who started throwing shoes, slippers, earthen pots and bricks at the minister. One of the security persons sustained serious head injury as a stone hit him.

The minister’s office denied that any such incident had taken place.