Railway: Brokers in Raipur book over 3000 Tatkal quota tickets daily through fake IDs

Raipur: Most seats of more than 3,000 Tatkal quota tickets in more than 100 trains passing through the Raipur station are in the possession of brokers. As soon as booking of AC quota begins at 10 am and sleeper quota seats at 11am  all seats are booked , within one-and-half minute. Almost 90 percent of them are going to brokers.

This is shocking because IRCTC has banned these brokers for the first 15 minutes of opening of booking. It has now been revealed that the brokers have found an answer for this also. Most brokers have made 10 to 15 personal IDs with different names through which they taking all the tickets and selling it for a fat price.

Fake IDs made online daily

The shocking figure is that everyday 35000 IDs are being made online for booking tickets, whereas in ordinary days there are no more than 15000.

Most of the brokers have made personal IDs in the names of their close friends or relatives to dodge the RPF and Railway’s vigilance team. Now they are booking tickets from these IDs.

The entire channel locks at the same time simultaneously, following which the ticket brokers claim to give confirmed tickets. More than Rs 500 to Rs 1500 are being charged for one ticket. Thousands of tickets are being booked and several lakhs are being earned every day. This is being done not only in Raipur but also in nearby small towns.

Difficult to trace personal ID

According to the railway officials, one person makes a ticket booking ID of IRCTC through many names and mobile numbers. After that, he sells the tickets with different IDs.

In such a situation, distinguishing between ordinary passengers and ticket brokers is a big challenge for the officials since most of thm now have Android and smartphones. Everything can be easily done through mobiles that is why tracking becomes impossible and we cannot find out who is booking, said railway officials.