Rahul Gandhi refers to Mizoram as Manipur in tweet, BJP mocks ‘write this a hundred times’

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]n Monday, Congress president Rahul Gandhi mistakenly referred to Mizoram as Manipur on Twitter, opening up an avenue for criticism ahead of the assembly polls in the northeastern state.

Gandhi was posting a story on Sainik Schools in Mizoram allowing girls after over 50 years, but instead of Mizoram he wrote Manipur in his tweet, which was deleted later. But Amit Malviya, BJP IT cell head tweeted a screenshot of the tweet pointing out the mistake.

“Rahul Gandhi go and write this a hundred times, “Mizoram and Manipur are two different states in the North East of India and I will remember that for the rest of my term as President of the Congress party!” (Edits note after being called out!)” tweeted the BJP IT cell head.

He wrote in another tweet, “Rahul Gandhi shares an article on Mizoram and writes Manipur. It is this ignorance about the Northeast that is so problematic!”

The Congress president has inadvertently presented incorrect information in tweets on several occasions earlier as well. In 2017 Rahul Gandhi posted a table detailing the rise in prices of certain commodities with wrong numbers. He deleted the tweet later replacing it with a corrected table. After this gaffe he appologised saying, “I am a human, I do make mistakes.”

Several other leaders as well have been criticised for their goof ups during speeches. Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2014 referred to Bhutan as “Nepal” while addressing the joint session of the neighbouring nation’s parliament in Thimpu.

The PM had referred to the Mahatma as Mohanlal Karamchand Gandhi during a speech in 2017.

A more recent Twitter goof up worth siting is the angry tweet made by the official Twitter handle of the spokesperson of the Ministry of Defence.

“What about misuse of jawans in your residence during an officer’s tenure sir? And how about children being picked up and dropped to school in Fauji (military) gaadis (vehicles)? Not to forget Madam’s shopping expedition on government vehicles. And endless parties…who pays for that?” read the angry reply to former Navy chief Admiral Arun Prakash’s tweet over the usage of ornaments of defence services

The tweet was later deleted and said that it was tweeted “inadvertently”. But the day after the tweet was made, the same Twitter handle announced that the Swaranashree Rao Rajashekar, principal spokesperson for the ministry, was going on leave.