Rafale pilots will be required to wear diapers while flying

Dassault Aviation, the French company which manufacturers the multi-role fighter jet, tells GoI

New Delhi: The Government of India intends to purchase 110 fighter jets for the Indian Air Force. The GoI had recently made an interesting query to the companies that have evinced interest in the deal, including the manufacturer of the Rafale jet fighters. They were asked what arrangements does their jet have in the cockpit, in case the pilot needs to relieve himself in midair and whether there is system in place to keep the waste on board?

The answers it received were revealing. Most of the companies said that the pilots would have to wear diapers while flying. IAF officers say that the pilots of the 36 Rafale fighters, being bought by the government, would also have to use diapers.

Can remain airborne for 12 hours

In view of the fact that the Rafale jets can remain airborne for up to 12 hours, they need to have arrangements to allow pilots to answer the nature’s call. And diapers is what the company proposes as the solution.

The query figures at the 20th place in the Request for Information document issued by the IAF to the interested . The IAF officials say that piloting a fighter is a demanding job. The pilots have to fly wearing their uniform and helmet, with an oxygen mask covering their face. As the modern fighter jets have the capability of remaining in the air for long hours, the cockpits needs to be comfortable for the pilots.

Oxygen plants

The government has also asked the companies about the on board oxygen generating plants and for how long would the plants would be able to work in one go.

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