Punjab: Trusting her friend cost teenager dear, was held captive, forced to consume liquor and threatened

Bathinda: Trusting her own friend cost a girl dear. The friend, along with a Punjabi singer, not only held the girl hostage for two months but also forced her to consume liquor and forced her into flesh trade.

She also snatched her mobile phone so that she could not talk to anyone. The 19-year-old victim lives in an area near Anaj Mandi in Bathinda in Punjab.

Kept locked in a singer’s house for 2 months

For about two months, the girl was kept locked in the singer’s house. She somehow managed to escape and has now reached her family.

The police have registered a case against 10 people, including two women. The victim and her family say that all accused are roaming free and police are not arresting them.

Kotwali Police Station SHO Sunil Kumar said that the police had arrested two of the accused. He said remaining accused would be arrested only after verification.

Girl went away with her friend without informing anyone at home

The victim narrated her tale. She said on January 19, her friend Rama Kaushi, resident of Sanguana Basti, came to her house and took her along with her on the pretext of a job at a call centre.

The girl took her necessary documents with her and went with Rama without informing anyone in the home.

Rama first took the girl to her home and later left her in the house of one Amarjeet Kaur, who lived in the same locality.

Rama told her that she must stay with Amarjeet till she got the company’s call from Chandigarh. She started living in Amarjit Kaur’s house. Amarjeet Kaur did not allow her to go out of the house.

On February 1 night, Rama and Amarjeet took her to a party at Krishna Continental Hotel where they forced her to consume liquor. In the night she was sexually exploited by many people. Rama and Amarjeet Kaur knew about this.

After this the accused took her to the house of Amarjeet Kaur in the morning. Amarjeet Kaur threatened to kill her if she told anyone about the incident.

Kaur and Rama used to divide the money they got from customers

Accused Kaur forced her to consume liquor and in the night she was sexually abused by the customers. Kaur and Rama used to divide the money they got from the customers among themselves.

Meanwhile her friend Rama told her they would go to Chandigarh after two days where she would get the job.

The girl was frightened. She feared she would be sold. On March 17, she somehow escaped from their place and reached her home. Her family has now got her admitted in a hospital.

(Story by Chandan Thakur)