Punjab: Thief stays in bank over weekend but fails to break strong room; arrested

Nangal: A thief stealthily entered and hid inside a branch of Punjab National Bank (PNB) in Nangal tehsil of Punjab’s Rupnagar district on Friday evening. As the bank branch at BBMB Colony remained closed on Saturday and Sunday, he remained inside till Monday morning. He tried to break the bank’s strong room but was not successful. He pasted pictures on bank’s CCTV cameras so that his actions may not be recorded.

Was caught when bank re-opened on Monday

However, he could not break into the strong room made of very strong steel and was caught on Monday morning when the bank re-opened. The CCTV footages revealed that the suspect was inside the bank at 6 am on Monday.

Bank manager JK Dhiman said that on Monday morning the bank staff tried to open the strong room at around 9.30 am but the door did not open. They saw a hinge of the door was broken. The staff realized that attempt had been made to break into the strong room. They checked the four CCTV cameras of the bank and found that they had also been tampered with.

Thief hid inside a small storeroom

Staff immediately informed the police. The police reached the spot but found nothing. After the police returned, a security guard of the bank went to pick up something from a small storeroom adjacent to the strong room. But as soon as he opened the door, the storeroom’s lights were switched off. The guard became suspicious and informed the senior manager of the bank.

The staff locked the storeroom from outside and called the police once again. Police reached the bank and, brought the thief out of the storeroom and took him to the police station. The accused has been identified as Sanjeev Kumar, resident of village Kalota under Anandpur Sahib police station.