Punjab: Pakistani ranger crosses into Indian side, thrashes farmer working in his field

Pathankot: A farmer was assaulted in a border village Khudaipur in Bamiyal town in Pathankot district of Punjab. It is suspected that a Pakistani ranger assaulted the farmer after entering the Indian border on the zero line in Khudaipur.

According to the information, the farmer was working in his fields. The accused came and tried to drag the farmer towards the Pakistan border. When the farmer raised an alarm, the people working in the nearby fields rushed to save him but by then the accused had fled and entered Pakistan side.

Farmer Sukhbir Singh Lakkha has lodged a complaint at the Bamiyan police post. He said that at about 10.30am, a person came from behind and started thrashing him. He tried to forcibly drag her towards the Pakistan border.

Sukhbir said that the accused beat him for 2-3 minutes and he also beat the accused in self-defense. He saw three other people standing on the Pakistani side in civil dress. One of them had a rifle in his hand.

Listening to the commotion, some other farmers working in the nearby farm reached the spot. The accused pushed Sukhbir and fled to Pakistan side.

Sukhbir has expressed apprehension that this could be the work of a Pakistani Ranger. He said this is the first such incident in the area.

After this villagers raised slogans against Pakistan. The village sarpanch Ranjeet Singh said that whenever farmers go to the fields across the drain, the security forces do not stay with them. This is the reason why such incidents happen.