Punjab: Govt employees get double their salaries; joy short-lived

Chandigarh: Thousands of employees of Punjab Government, working in the state secretariat, jumped with joy on Saturday evening, when they found that their bank accounts were credited with double the amount of their salaries. Most of them presumed that the government has paid Diwali bonus. They rushed to ATMs, withdrew the money and splurged it.

Two days later, on Monday, the government realised what had happened. Enquiries revealed that a glitch in software had led to double of the salary amounts being deposited into the bank accounts. The government issued a circular, asking the employees not to withdraw the amount. But many had already done so.

Entries reversed

Next, the government asked the SBI – the nodal bank – to reverse the entry. The process began. And now it was the bank’s turn to commit a bloomer. It reversed the entries of even those employees who had only been paid the actual amount. That led to an uproar, with the bank accounts of some employees showing debit balance.

Due to some technical problem with the RBI software, instead of one, two entries were made in the bank accounts of the employees – Aniruddh Tiwari, principal secretary, finance, Government of Punjab

(Story: Rohit Rohila)