Govt staffers who fail dope test won’t be sacked, but treated :Amarinder Singh

Chandigarh: Punjab CM Amarinder Singh on Tuesday issues a clarification on the dope test, which he ordered for employees and police personnel a few days ago.

In an attempt to pacify disgruntled employees, the Congress leader said that those found positive in the test would neither be sacked nor punished.

He issued an assurance that the identity of such workers would not be disclosed and they would be provided treatment.

Moreover, the CM said the Punjab government will also bear the finances for the treatment of those addicted to drugs.

Singh, meanwhile has directed the chief secretary to outline standard operating procedures and other guidelines to conduct a dope test on workers.

As per reports, the Punjab CM also ordered a number of steps to be taken for expanding the government’s efforts to guarantee stringent enforcement of the drug laws.

The Punjab CM has also tried to solicit better systems in place for prevention, de-addiction and rehabilitation of the drug addicts.

Following the declaration of dope test on all its employees, the Punjab government landed at the receiving end of condemnation from various quarters.

In the meantime, the CM said that the government will make sure that the implementation of the Enforcement-De-Addiction-Prevention (EDP) strategy is undertaken, in order to root out the Punjab drug menace.

To achieve this target, the SHOs have been made accountable for eliminating menace from the villages that fall in their respective areas. The SDMs and DSPs too will be held responsible to ensure drug-free areas.

CM Singh has also sought out the speeding up pending drug-related cases. He has also called for an increase in the outpatient opioid treatment programme.