Maharashtra: Fasting lawyer in Pune ordered butter paneer masala but received butter chicken

Pune: A penalty of Rs 55,000 was imposed on a restaurant in Pune and a food delivery company Zomato for delivering non-veg food to a customer although he had ordered a vegetarian dish. The consumer had complained about this in the Consumer Forum. The court has ordered the Zomato and the restaurant to pay the fine amount in 45 days.

Consumer Shanmukh Deshmukh, who is also a lawyer, said that he had visited Pune on 31st May last year. Here, he had ordered cheese butter masala from the Zomato app, but delivery boy gave him chicken butter masala. When he complained the restaurant said they would send paneer butter masala, but for the second time he again got butter chicken. Deshmukh said it was Thursday when the incident happened and he was fasting and could not consume non-veg food.

10% interest if penalty not paid in 10 days

The Consumer Forum has said in the order that if the penalty amount is not paid on time, then the Zomato and the restaurant will have to pay 10% interest on this amount. The forum said they must pay Rs 50000 fine for negligence and another Rs 5000 for causing mental torture.