Priyanka’s campaign will have no impact in UP: Gadkari

Nagpur: Union minister Nitin Gadkari has said he didn’t think Congress star campaigner Priyanka Gandhi Vadra would make any impact in the politics of Uttar Pradesh.

Priyanka Gandhi, 47, has been tasked with leading the party campaign in the eastern half of UP. The Congress is banking on her to boost up its campaign in UP.

Gadkari downplayed Priyanka’s three-day boat ride in the river Ganga last week when she sought support for the party for the forthcoming Lok Sabha polls.

The minister asked had he not made the Allahabad-Varanasi waterway, how could Priyanaka have travelled? He said she also drank Ganga water and hinted she could not have done the same under the UPA government.

Gadkari averred by March 2020, river Ganga would be 100 per cent clean.

Gadkari said: “We will show the world that our heritage river and symbol of our rich history and culture is restored. We are also working to clean the Yamuna river. A change can be seen in the next one year.”

The minister said the BJP was a cadre-based party which opposed dynasty and caste politics.