‘Priceless. Like my privacy and security used to be’: Twitterati go beserk after NYT roasts Facebook on its 15th anniversary

You might have seen top celebrities like Bruce Willis and Justin Bieber being roasted, through personal banter (usually in good faith) on national television – for the entertainment of general public. American news organisation New York Times, took it to the next level by roasting Facebook, poking fun on the multi-million social media giant and its partly decorated and mostly criticised founder, Mark Zuckerberg.

Recently, Facebook allowed its users to share their memories on the occasion of it’s fifteen anniversary in a certain template, which accommodates memorable photographs with user’s near and dear ones. It also features certain emotionally arousing captions to bind components of the video together.

Beating Facebook at their own game – of involving its users with nostalgic videos – the American publisher used it to their own advantage.

“Happy Birthday, Facebook! 15 years today — and what a rollercoaster it has been,” read the message released on Monday on the newspaper’s opinion page and on Twitter, in the style of Facebook compilation videos.

In a mocking recreation of the video, slightly less than two minutes, the news organisation congratulates Mark Zuckerberg for turning Facebook into an online behemoth and becoming wealthy in the process.

However, it spends most of its time playfully flipping through virtual cards recounting its troubles with privacy, hacking, hate speech, violence and more.

The compilation includes a series of barbs at Zuckerberg, with screenshots reading, “You seem to like giving your users’ data away,” and “Well, at least you haven’t done too badly,” noting his net worth of $55 billion.

The video logged some 375,000 views and was shared on Twitter more than 3,000 times within hours of being tweeted. While the video went viral, this is how the online community responded to NYT’s quirky take on Facebook’s anniversary: