Polish blogger’s #KikiChallenge video on Pak Independence Day annoys NAB

New Delhi: Nobody quite knows what lies ahead of them once they share a photo or video online. Similarly, when Eva zu Beck shared her ‘kiki challenge’ video, shot in a passenger plane to promote tourism in Karachi, ahead of Pakistan’s Independence Day, little did she know that her vlog will go viral in a few hours and cause annoyance to the National Accountability Bureau.

The Polish travel blogger took the trending Kiki challenge forward by dancing inside a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) passenger plane wearing a green kurta and wrapping a Pakistan flag around her.

While Pakistani netizens liked and enjoyed her video, the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) was not too happy about it. The NSB has been investigating the matter on the viral video on social networking platforms, sources told geo.tv.

Shortly after the video of the woman dancing inside the plane and on the runway surfaced, PIA spokesman in a statement said that she is not related to the national airline and only the video was shared on its official page. The spokesman said that the video was shot in a plane in the parking and the video has now been removed from the page.

The probe authority is investigating how the woman with the flag reached the runway and the plane. NAB sources said that strict action will be taken against those defaming the national flag.

The bureau believed that the woman called Eva zu Beck not only disgraced their national flag by wrapping it around her body but also violated the security codes of the national airlines and the airport. â€œWe want to know that who allowed the woman to go into an empty aircraft and dance at the airport,” said the NAB spokesman to Dawn.

After receiving some backlash, the woman who is a blogger revealed that she was doing a travel vlog with PIA about Karachi. Eva said she got a lot of love and positive comments from Pakistanis in the last few hours.

Eva in her statement online apologised and said that she meant no disrespect to Pakistan, since people are criticising her Kiki challenge for using the Pakistani flag. She also expressed her love for the country and assured that she will continue promoting their tourism through her upcoming contents.