Police control room plunges into darkness hours after powercom staffer fined for helmet-less riding

Girakpur (Punjab): In an amusing stand-off between two departments of the state government, on Tuesday, the state-owned power company disconnected the power supply to the traffic police control room here, hours after a company employee was fined for riding a two-wheeler without wearing helmet.

Constable Sohanlal, who was posted at Patiala Chowk here, stopped Jitendra Singh, a power company employee, for not wearing a helmet and imposed fine on him.

‘Do what you can’

The two argued for over 20 minutes on the street. Jitendra said that he told the traffic police constable that he is a power company employee and has to make several rounds of the place. He said that the constable did not listen to him and made out a challan, saying “I have the power to make out a challan. I am using it. Now you do what you can.”

Power supply snapped

After this, Jitender complained about the challan to one of his seniors at the power company. They found that the local traffic control room had been stealing electricity for the past one year. After this, SDO Rohit Kumar and several employees reached Patiala Chowk and severed the electricity connection.

I don’t know anything about the challan. But power was being drawn illegally for the traffic control room. The connection has been severed. First, we will investigate for how long they were stealing power and then decide on the penalty.Rohit Kumar, SDO, Powercom


I only did my duty. All this drama is because the person was from the power company. Sohanlal, traffic police constable