PM@IIT/ Narendra Modi honors hackathon winners; says – Your hard work will be a startup idea tomorrow

Chennai:Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Chennai on Monday to participate in the IIT Madras convocation. He also honored the winners of the ongoing India-Singapore Hackathon at the IIT Campus itself.

Congratulating the students, Modi said, “Many people here are busy solving difficult questions for the last 36 hours. I salute their energy. I do not see the fatigue on their face, but the satisfaction of getting the job done. I hope that the difficulties you have solved today will be the idea of ​​starting a startup tomorrow.” The Prime Minister said that your intention to accept and solve challenges is more valuable than solving problems.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday hailed the country’s innovation ecosystem and said it was committed to creating Indian solutions for global applications.

From schools to higher education and research, an ecosystem was being created that it becomes a medium for innovation even as the country was one among the top three startup ecosystems, he said.

Role of innovation and startups crucial

India was poised to become a USD 5 trillion economy and innovation and startups will play a crucial role in that, Modi added. “We are encouraging innovation and incubation for two big reasons– one is we want easy solutions to solve India’s problems to make life easier.  

“And another (is) we in India want to find solutions for the whole of the world. Indian solutions for global applications. This is our goal and our commitment,” he said at the Singapore India Hackathon 2019 at IIT-Madras.

Lauding the participants of the hackathon for coming up with various solutions, Modi particularly singled out one regarding camera, saying it will be useful in the Parliament. 

“I specially like the solution for cameras to detect who is paying attention. Now what will happen you know– I will talk to my Speaker in the Parliament (Om Birla)…and I am sure it will be very useful to the Parliamentarians,” he said as the gathering broke out in laughter.

World has great expectations from India

Earlier, Prime Minister Narendra Modi after reaching Chennai said the world has “great expectations” from India, and asserted that his government will lead the country to a path of ‘greatness’ where it will be beneficial to the entire globe. He said he was always delighted to be back in Chennai.  “After the 2019 elections, it is my first visit to the state. I am really thankful to all of you for such a warm welcome,” the PM said. 

On his first visit to Tamil Nadu after retaining power in this year’s Lok Sabha polls, the Prime Minister reiterated his campaign against single-use plastic.