PM Modi’s doppelganger refuses to campaign for BJP; in talks with Congress

New Delhi: The celebrated BJP campaigner, Abhinandan Pathak, who is also Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s lookalike on Thursday made a surprising announcement that he is not going to campaign for the saffron party anymore.

Pathak stated that he is fed up of facing public anger against the government and said that accused that PM Modi is being let down by his party itself.

“I am taken aback by seeing how the BJP is working in contrast to what PM Modi actually thinks and says. People have been asking me ‘acche din kab ayenge’ (when will good days come)?” Pathak was quoted as saying in media reports.

Earlier in 2018, Pathak was involved with BJP’s door-to-door canvassing drive during the Gorakhpur by-polls – which the party eventually lost.

“I am being cursed and beaten. It’s because of all these reasons that I have decided to campaign against the BJP and for the Congress in the upcoming 2019 elections,” Pathak added.

As per reports, Pathak, who is already in talks with Congress President Raj babbar, has been assured of a meeting with the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) chairperson Sonia Gandhi

On the idea of working with Congress, he stressed that he has issues with the BJP and not PM Modi.

“Prime Minister Modi has given India a better image across the globe. My grievance is with the party and not with the Prime Minister,” he explained.

“The party is just focused on putting across their ‘Mann Ki Baat’, but is not ready to listen to what the heart of the common man says,” he said.