PM Modi hoists tricolour at Red Fort on Azad Hind Government’s 75th anniversary

New Delhi: To mark the 75th year of the formation of Azad Hind Government, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday hoisted the tricolour and unveiled a plaque at Red Fort.

While addressing the gathering during the event, PM Modi attacked Congress for”undermining the legacy of Netaji Subash Chandra Bose”, adding, “efforts were made to undermine the legacy of Netaji Subash Chandra Bose and Sardar Patel to promote just one family”.

The dignitaries present at the event included nephew of Netaji Subash Chandra Bose – Chandra Kumar Bose along with INA Veteran Lalti Ram, and Brigadier R S Chikkara were also present at the event.

“Netaji had promised an India where everyone has equal rights and equal opportunities. He had promised a prosperous nation which was proud of its traditions, development in all areas. He had promised to uproot ‘divide & rule’. Even after so many years, those dreams remain unfulfilled,” PM Modi said at the event.

“We reached Swaraj after countless sacrifices. Netaji said we have to achieve independence through guns and blood. He said after we achieve independence, we will need a robust defence force, today I am proud to announce that this dream of a strong defence force has been realised,” PM Modi added.

What is Azad Hind Government?

  • The Azad Hind Government was founded on 21st October, 1943, by Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose who was also the Head of State of this Provisional Indian Government-in-exile.
  • The Azad Hind Fauz was a part of the freedom movement, originating in 1940s outside India with a purpose of allying with Axis powers to free India from British rule.
  • The existence of the Azad Hind Government gave a greater legitimacy to the independence struggle against the British. Pertinently, the role of Azad Hind Fauj or the Indian National Army (INA) had been crucial in bequeathing a much-needed impetus to India’s struggle for Independence.