PM at UNGA: Narendra Modi says we’ve given Buddha to the world and not wars

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his address to the United Nations General Assembly in New York, said his government’s efforts were connected with the universal developmental plans and were encouraging the world. He also urged the world to unite against terrorism as it was against the values of United Nations.

“A world torn by terrorism, undermines the very principles on which the UN was established, therefore for humanity’s sake, I consider it essential for the entire world to unite against terrorism,” Prime Minister Modi said.

Harmony and peace are India’s message to the world: Harmony and peace were India’s message to the world, said the Prime Minister and added, “We are citizens of a country that has given message of peace, Buddha to the world and not wars,” he said.

“India was several thousand-year-old civilisation and has historically believed in welfare for all, that is the crux of our slogan of Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas and Sabka Vishwas,” the PM added.

Building on the theme, he said the issues being addressed by India were reflected in the prevalent global issues and challenges. “While 130 crore Indians are at the centre of our government’s efforts, but the dreams they serve, belong to the entire world, all nations and every society,” Modi said.

Global warming: Touching upon the threat of global warming, the prime minister said India’s contribution was second to none despite not being a major contributor.

“While India’s historic & per capita emission contribution to global warming has been minimal, yet it is among the leading nations fighting it,” he said.

He listed some of the actions by his government to further stress on India’s alignment with the global developmental values.

Single-use plastic: “I am happy to say that India is running a campaign to rid the country of single-use plastic and in the next five years, we will add 15 crore Indian households to water supply and build 1.25 lakh kilometre of roads to connect people,” Modi said.

I invite countries to join India’s Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure initiative, which aims to create an infrastructure that can withstand natural calamities, he said.