PewDiePie vs T-Series: Fan hacks 50,000 printers urging people to subscribe to PewDiePie channel

[dropcap]A[/dropcap] hacker has claimed responsibility for taking over 50,000 printers across the globe to print a strange message asking people to subscribe to YouTuber PewDiePie’s channel.

The hacker, who goes by the Twitter handle, TheHackerGiraffe, has claimed responsibility for the attack in a Reddit AMA that reads, ‘I hacked 50,000 printers worldwide out of potential 800,000 for PewDiePie and security awareness.’

He took to Twitter to explain the reason behind his idea in a series of tweets.

“While playing around on Shodan, the idea came to me that maybe I can hack printers around the world to print something, I didn’t know what at the time. After learning about the three different printing protocols (IPP, LPD, JetDirect), I went and searched those ports on shodan,” wrote the hacker.

He furthers says that he was horrified to see over 800,000 results, but determined to try and fix this he picked the first 50,000 printers he found running on port 9100 and downloaded the list off shodan (a repository for internet connected devices).

Out of the 50,000 printers, about 15,000 were in India.

After this he decided to print “the most perfect thing” — “a message supporting our dear overlord @pewdiepie himself!”

After revealing his process of hacking he shared another tweet saying how he got to know that it got serious. That is when he created this Twitter account in the hope of answering people’s queries, “I left the script running, made this twitter account, made u/TheHackerGiraffe, and waited for people to hit me up. and that’s where I’m at now.”

The hacker also shared a link to show how the attack looked on his server:

Felix Kjellberg, a famous Swedish YouTuber aka “PewDiePie” is on the race to keep his title of being the top YouTube channel since Pewdiepie’s reign is threatened by Indian music label T-Series which comes second in the leader board.

While Pewdiepie has 72,942,081 subscribers and 3,674 video, T-Series is coming close with 72,913,314 subscribers and 12,878 videos.

PewDiePie has been posting videos with diss tracks and challenges against T-Series stating that his reign on YouTube will continue. The apparent ongoing “competition” saw many crazy campaigns from the YouTuber’s fan base on posters, billboards, and even the radio.

Recently, a vlogger Justin Roberts bought a $1 million (£783,600) billboard in Times Square to keep Felix Kjellberg’s channel as YouTube’s most subscribed channel. American vlogger Mr Beast had also been heading up an actual advertising campaign to help the Swedish gamer maintain the top spot.

Despite of not seeming too bothered by T-Series, Felix too to Twitter, writing: ‘This is getting out of hand, huge props for this lol.’