Petrol, diesel price dropped for 5th day straight; petrol now Rs 75.69 in Delhi, Rs 83.30 in Mumbai

New Delhi: Petrol and diesel prices were dropped for the fifth consecutive day on Monday. As a result of a 10 paise dip, the petrol prices dropped to Rs 75.69 in Delhi, Rs 78.37 in Kolkata and Rs 78.55 paise in Chennai. Mumbai witnessed a maximum 14 paise dip with the petrol price in the city settling at Rs 83.30 for the day.

Diesel prices, too, were slashed by 10 paise in Mumbai, 6 paise in Delhi and Kolkata and by 7 paise in Chennai. A litre of diesel in Delhi costs Rs 67.48, Rs 70.03 in Kolkata, Rs 71.66 in Mumbai and Rs 71.22 in Chennai.

Fuel rates had touched record high before witnessing a fall of 1 paisa on May 30. The government and oil companies were brutally made fun of because of the 1-paisa cut.

However, fuel prices continued to either dip or remain stagnant from thereon. On Sunday, petrol prices across the country were slashed by 14-17 paise, while diesel fell by 7 paise.

These rates will be applicable for the day following which new rates will be applicable from 6 am tomorrow. The decline in the prices of fuel is due to the downward trend of global crude oil prices.

(With inputs from agencies)