‘Patal Rakshak’ to come to the rescue of children who slip into borewells

Device developed by Professor of Rajasthan Vidyapeeth Deemed University’

Udaipur: Except JCB and other similar machines, there is no other device to save children who fall into bore-wells. And such incidents are happening with alarming regularity in different parts of the country.

Udaipur’s Dr Rakshit Aameta has developed a device named ‘Patal Rakshak’ that can be used to save such

It takes hours to reach the child who have fallen into a bore-well and rescue him/her. But over the years many children have lost their lives in such tragic mishaps and despite the regular recurrence of such events nothing substantial has been done to put an end to these harrowing incidents.

The device is likely to prove to be a lifesaver for children and animals slipping into open bore-wells.

Patent already applied for

Dr Rakshit Aameta, Associate Professor at Rajasthan Vidyapeeth Deemed University, last month applied with the Centre for patenting the invention.

He said the device has been developed with the cooperation of university’s vice chancellor Prof. SS Sarandevot. He said he thought about developing such a device when a child Prince fell into a bore-well in Kurukshetra area in 2005.

How it works

Patal Rakshak is a device made of iron which can be rotated and made bigger or smaller according to the need. This device is put inside the bore-well with the help of ropes and two other ropes are used to operate it. The rope inside the bore-well is U-shaped and its end is in the hands of the people outside the bore-well.

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