Party with a difference: BJP tops in lawmakers charged with abduction

1,042 Mps and MLAs are facing criminal charges

New Delhi: Although the BJP claims to be a party with a difference, the reality at the ground level appears to be different. According to a report of Association for Democratic reforms (ADR) and National Election Watch (NEW) the maximum number of kidnapping cases are registered against BJP MLAs.

Most of such MLAs are from Bihar and UP. In both states nine MLAs each of the BJP have been booked for abduction. These two states are followed by Maharashtra where eight BJP MLAs face the charge.

Besides five members of Lok Sabha and three of Rajya Sabha have informed that abduction cases are registered against them. Of the five Lok Sabha MPs facing kidnapping charges, two belong to RJD and one each to Lok Janshakti Party (LJP) and INC while the fifth is an Independent. In Rajya Sabha, one member each of BJP, Shiv Sena and Samajwadi Party are facing charges.

BJP tops the list

ADR and NEW studied the poll affidavits filed by 770 MPs and 4,086 MLAs. Out of total 4856 MPs and MLAs, 1042 – that is nearly 21 percent – have been booked for different offences. Out of the total 1042 tainted MPs and MLAs, 64 that is six percent face kidnapping charges.

Out of the 64 public representatives facing abduction charges, 18 belong to BJP. Following the BJP are the Congress and the RJD with six representatives from each party facing kidnapping charges.

Besides five leaders of NCP, four leaders each of Biju Janata Dal and DMK, three leaders each of SP and Telugu Desam Party and four Independents face abduction charges. Besides 13 others belong to different parties.

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